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Our development process is based on a great focus on quality. The Sairosoft team has made every effort to achieve this goal.
Changes and adaptation of software to the diverse and changing needs of a large community of buyers is a unique feature of Sairosoft products
Due to the rapid development of the community as well as the need of customers for new services, the Sairosoft team strives to provide the best services.
Support and after-sales service of any company is an integral part of any software system. And an efficient and different software with appropriate support services can provide the ideal combination of customer servic

Sairosoft Reservation System

We are change and transforming travel agencies and tourism businesses using digital world combinations

Online reservation system and admin panel
Online flight reservation system
Online issuing all domestic and international flights
Hotel online reservation system
Online reservation for domestic and foreign hotels
online train reservation system
online issue train tickets
Online bus reservation system
online issuing bus tickets

Take advantage of the most complete features and benefits of the Sairosoft tourism platform in the admin panel

Easy usage
Easy-to-use panel for All staff
Power in high-volume processing
The system architecture is such that it can respond to the high number of requests
Ability to provide API
Ability to provide APIs for use in different systems
Define a web-service in the Panel
Ability to define types of web flight and hotel services
Pricing based on various parameters
Ability to create commissions, discounts and coupon codes to create different sales plans and types of marketing
Required reports
Provide a variety of financial statements of sales

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